Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Zynga vs. Blingville Discussion.

The argument is still going strong at and we get a winner of a statement followed by my not-so-neutral rebuttal:

“How stupid does Zynga think its players are?”

Are you serious?

How do you think Zynga made all that money? Their games aren’t being bought off of a store shelf and they certainly aren’t subscription-based.

When you pay five dollars for twenty-five Farmcash just so you can get that one pink bunny with a heart on it, that’s stupid. Or better yet, how about all of those horse fans who pay more than five dollars for each horse?

A World of Warcraft account only costs fifteen dollars a month and your characters get to ride their horses all over the world, how much are these people paying for a few “beta” horses that just stand around the farm?

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